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GOING OUT-OF-NETWORK & choosing cash-based services SAVES YOU BOTH TIME & MONEY!

What Out-of-Network (OON) or Cash-Based means:

  1. You (the patient) pay for the service on the front-end, however, you can still submit the invoice to your insurance company to go towards your deductible or for reimbursement on the back end.

  2. Reimbursement is typical and you may get a portion of your money back with each visit to PTAP Sports Rehabilitation!

  3. The PT with your input will determine session frequency and duration (how often/how long) according to your needs unrestricted by the insurance companies.

  4. Patient time is not shared; your whole session of 60 minutes or more is spent one-on-one with a doctor of Physical Therapy (no treatment with PT techs or PTAs whatsoever)

Reasons why we chose to be an out-of-network provider of cash-based services:

  1. Treatment visits, therapy caps, and prior authorizations restrict in-network insurance-based care. 

  2. Not being dictated by insurance means spending less time on administrative hassles and more time focused on the quality of your care.

  3. In-network insurance business models do not allow for the high-quality INDIVIDUALIZED care that we provide.


Insurance companies are not healthcare providers and should not dictate what services you receive when it comes to your health and well-being. Being OON allows us to involve you and consider your individualized needs when creating your plan of care. When comparing the costs for an hour massage, chiropractic visits, acupuncture visits, doctor’s visit, personal training sessions, prescriptions, or future surgery, then you are paying very little for something very effective for your current and future health!

Differences between OON vs. In-network (Cash-based vs. Traditional Insurance Coverage)










*This price is the total out-of-pocket cost if you receive NO out-of-network reimbursement from your insurance which is uncommon.

*​*This price is based on an average/low co-pay and does not include the cost of meeting the insurance’s deductible first. If you haven’t met your in-network deductible, you can pay between $100-$140 per visit until you reach the deductible. Sometimes the deductible is so high that you never meet your deductible.

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